Wild Vegas Casino Review – Fair Gambling and Mobile Casino

The WildVegas Casino was designed to provide gamblers with extremely joyful gaming experience. Here you can find a wide choice of casino games like slots, live casino games, card games, video poker and many other types of games.

Along with the wide choice of game the casino is featured by the outstanding policy when it comes to promotions and rewarding of loyal players. You really can hardly find another casino which provides such great benefits and promo codes for those who make deposits and maintain permanent gambling. It is enough to say that there is 350% welcomes bonus and for some promo codes there not even enforced wager or withdrawal limits. However, this feature we are going to disclose in the sections below.

There also has to be highlighted the VIP program of the Wild Vegas Casino which is going to be disclosed below as well. Unlike the majority of online casinos the WildVegas provides outstanding cashback policies for the club members.

For all those who prefer to play slot machines there are good news – here you can find a great choice of slots and when it is combined with the promos and coupons eligible for slot gamblers there is no way someone can leave the casino dissatisfied.

By the way if you want to make sure that you choose the right casino when it comes to the assortment of games you always can choose a demo gambling option to play for fun and try the software presented in the casino.

The online casino has a list of restricted countries, and you cannot enter the website or use the casino services if you live in one of them, however, all the preferences provided by the online gambling facility are available for the players from Canada.

In order to become a member of a club you only to need to pass the simple registration process which is going to be disclosed in the next section.

Signing Up

The sign up process for the casino is as easy as possible. All you need to do is to fill in some fields in the registration form and once you cope with this task you can get to the next stage and redeem the coupon which grants you the welcome pack.

In order to sign up you need to point out your:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email

Unlike the majority of other service the Wild Vegas Casino demands your username to sign up, not the email, so you need to make sure you use the common username if you do not want to forget it.

In case you will have any issues with the registration process now or with the login in future you always can contact the support service via the live chat to restore your password or clarify any other issue.

Special Offers

One of the reasons to gamble in the Wild Vegas Casino is the great attitude of the administration to promotions available for players. There are really different strategies online casinos use to attract new players and most of those are about providing a great number of various special offers for different games, days etc. On the contrary, the WildVegas Casino has made another move to show completely approach – there are only three promotions enforced on a constant basis – however, the benefits players can take advantage from these promo codes cannot be underestimated even by the most demanding gamblers.

Welcome Offer

You hardly can find an online casino that doesn’t provide the welcome reward to the players that have just signed up to the online gambling facility. The majority provide something like extra funds with specified terms on your account while some of those also make available no deposit bonuses for players.

The online casino wildvegascasino.com is not an exception. Here you can find a very generous welcome offer which provides you with a bonus code of 350% deposit bonus on your account. The is an outstanding offer to be fare as the majority of online casino can provide 100%, 150% some of them even 300% but it is almost impossible to find a website that provide players with a bonus that increases your deposit 4,5 times.

There is a way such promo code works – after you sign up to the online casino you need to enter the Promotions section and choose the corresponding bonus. Afterwards you need to fill in your user data, and then you can apply for a bonus.

The minimum sum you can claim a deposit bonus for is $30. To clarify, when you make a cash-in of $100 you get as much as additional $350 on your bonus account which you can then use to win and play.

However, there are some limitations for this offer one needs to know. When you redeem the coupon you need to make bets for a sum that makes at least 20x of your bonus. For example, if you have got 100$ of bonus funds on your account it is necessary to make bets on $2000 with these funds – this can be done easily in games like poker, baccarat and other and is harder to accomplish when it comes to slots games or roulette. Anyway, one more limit is that you cannot withdraw more than 10x from the sum credited to your bonus account.

However, due to the fact you get overall 4,5 times more funds on your balance that is totally acceptable. Some of the players may complaint that there are no free spins granted to the newcomers. However, it has to be said you won’t find any other casino with such a generous welcome offer for new players, so the absence of free spins is totally compensated with the amount of bonus funds. Moreover, there is a promo code for slot machines in WildVegas Casino – we will disclose it later.

One also can be upset with the fact the casino doesn’t provide any no deposit bonuses – however, you should know that no deposit bonuses rarely are in help when it comes to casino gamblers due to the fact the majority of the online casinos provide only a couple of bucks with wagers, so that it is really not enough to feel any kind of the advantage with such an approach.

Note that each user in the casino can have only one account, thus you can apply for the deposit bonus only once, so use that wisely. Do not hesitate to make a maximum available deposit on your account to redeem the bonus code and take the greatest advantages as you won’t have such a chance in the future again.

Slots Bonus

The Slots bonus code in the Wild Vegas Casino grants you a unique opportunity to benefit from being a member of the club as there is no such another caino which allows you to cash-in a deposit and provides you with 250% bonus which has no wager or withdrawal limit.

What does that mean? That means that once you have deposited $100 you are granted with additional $250 and have no wager limits for this deposit. All you need to do is to play and no matter what is the overall sum of your bets, you still can withdraw funds from your balance.

That is something unique as the majority of casinos that provide bonus code always specify the wager limit which usually makes more than 20x. However, when it comes for slot machines in the Wild Vegas Casino you can forget about it and enjoy your advantages without any consequences.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can just withdraw the bonus funds from your account after the moment you have redeemed the bonus code. Note that this kind of an activity is treated as misuse of the promotions and usually leads to the issues with the support and can even bring you to account deactivation. Once you have redeemed the coupon you should know that the bonus cannot be cashed out – its sum will definitely be deducted from your withdrawal. Let’s make an example. Imagine you have made a deposit of $100. Then you have activated a coupon and redeemed $250 which got accredited to your account.

If you have won in total $1000 and got $1350 on your account (your winning sum plus your initial deposit and bonus) then when you will withdraw the sum on your balance there will be deducted $250 and you are going to get as much as $1150 on your card or e-payment system account.

In order to redeem the coupon you need to enter the Promotions page while you are logged in, choose the correspondent promo code and then you are free to activate the coupon. Make sure you have clarified that the bonus is only eligible for slot machine, so you cannot use it to play in baccarat, roulette, video poker or any other games available in the online casino.

You can find the great amount of the online slots in the category section and it takes only a few minutes to choose the one you are rally fond as you can play free games before playing for real money. However, this is going to be disclosed in the sections below.

Now we are going to the last permanent bonus eligible for gamblers in the Wild Vegas Casino.

180% All Allowed Games

The bonus code we have reviewed in the previous section can only be used by players in games like keno, slot machines and so on. This kind of bonus code which gives you as much as 180% extra funds to your cash-in sum is eligible for all games in the online casino. This is a great advantage which you can use to increase your winning chances as such a generous bonus combined with a bit of luck can make you victorious. As a matter of a fact other online casinos do not provide such generous bonuses, they usually give you something like 50% deposit and couple of free spins eligible only for one slot machine.

On the contrary, on the website www.wildvegascasino.com you get 2.8 more than you have cashed in without any wager or withdrawal limits. Just like the bonus code discussed in the section above, this promo code is something more than a regular promotion – there are no limits for its usage.

The only thing one has to consider is that the bonus amount deposited will be deducted from the next withdrawal no matter what – even if you lose. However, considering the fact your chances to win increase by 2.8 when you activate the coupon, that risk is totally worthy.

Most of you may ask – where are free spins? What about weekly promotions? How about tournaments and other kinds of events? Well, the thing is you do not really need them. The standard offers provided by the casino administration are so generous that it is totally enough to take advantages of your account.

You maybe surprised by the fact that in such a good online casino there are only 3 promotions available. Well, don’t be  – the fact is that these are the permanent promo codes which you can always use, and once you get signed up to the service you are going to get fresh updates on new promos and offers from the online casino you can benefit from.

VIP Program

unlike the majority of other online casinos Wild Vegas has made it all to become something unique when it comes to promotions and the same thing can be said about the VIP program. No matter whether you are from Canada or any other country of the world – you can hardly find another casino with such an attitude to providing benefits for players. You can take everything you need to know about the VIP program of the wildvegascasino.com from the picture below.

There is a 4-level VIP program as you can see and each level gives almost the same benefits for the players – the only differences is the amount of bonuses you can claim for. Let’s disclose all the kinds of bonuses available for players on the example of the first level which is called High Roller.

The payouts limit increase means that if you win a jackpot or a huge sum – you will get bigger weekly payouts from the online casino. The thing is that in online casinos when you win jackpot it looks different than for the landing gambling facilities. As in online casinos you get you winning on the weekly basis, partly which means that if you win $54000 and the maximum weekly payment makes $1000 it can take a year to redeem all your winnings.

Thus, when you play online casino games and plan to win it is very important to make sure that casino provides you with high weekly payments so that you could be eligible to cash-out your money.

Thus, the higher payout rate is the outstanding chance for you to get more money on your account and withdraw the overall sum faster.

Monthly insurance on losses means that if you have made a deposit of $1000 on your account, and lost $700 during the moth you have played in a casino, you are going to get as much as $70 back is the insurance make 10%. This is an outstanding cashback opportunity which allows you to get back a sufficient amount of funds you have spent in the online casino.

Of course, only the funds you have deposited are insured and the offer is not eligible for bonus funds credited on your account- here there is no way you can recover your losses.

As you can see on the picture the maximum insurance coefficient can make as much as 50%. That means that if you have lost $10000 in the online casino, you are going to ge $5000 back on your account just for participation in the VIP program. How do you like that?

We have made many reviews about the online casinos – but there are not much of them offering such generous offers when it comes to the gamblers.

Another one benefit one can apply for when getting a VIP status are outstanding withdrawal limits eligible for chips and Comp points which one can redeem if participating in the special events held by the Wild Vegas Casino administration. There is no way one can ignore that as your chances to win with free chips increase dramatically and an ability to increase the cash-out limit for each chip activated is a breakthrough and a tremendous opportunity for all players.

The last thing you get a VIP player is an opportunity to make higher stakes – that’s make your gambling experience more serious – it more looks like you play in the prestigious Las Vegas casinos, and for the real gamblers there are many options to feel the whole spirit of the game.

However, you could have noticed that there are some conditions that have to be complied in order to remain in a specified status. For example, to get the High Roller status one needs to cash-in $500 at once and have at least $100 on the account. What does that mean? that means that if you do not comply the requirements your High Roller status is going to be abandoned by the casino administration.

However, that is not a problem is you make a one-time deposit of $10000 which allows you to get the status for a lifetime no matter which is the sum on your account remaining and these are good news for those who are delighted with the opportunities provided by the online casino administration.

Instand & Download Play

If you play in online casinos for a long time you surely know that some of them provide a desktop version of the casino in addition to the browser version or even develop a mobile app which can work both on Android or Apple devices in order to provide users with the best gambling experience.

Well, when it comes to the online casino wildvegascasino.com there is something to say about this issue. First of all, one has to know that there are outstanding opportunities for instant play here, so it is not necessary to request any kind of software to download.

However, one should note that in order to make sure that all games perform smoothly you must the last version of the Flash Player installed, as this is the soft that allows you to run games in your browser without downloading installer.

However, if you want to have the casino on your PC it can be easily installed after you follow the link on the website.

You will be able to download the software on your desktop PC and install it in several minutes. Afterwards, all you need to do is to use your regular login data, just like as on your website, and then you can easily play the same games you were playing in the online casino.

Once you download the desktop version you still can apply for the sign up bonus, play Jokers or any other games – the fact you play via the app, not the browser, won’t really affect your gambling experience.

You also may be interested whether you can play the classic slots in the casino Wild Vegas using your mobile phone. Well, there answer is yes, as the wildvegascasino.com is fully mobile-optimized and all the users from Canada and all over the world can benefit and enjoy the outstanding responsive design developed for the mobile version of the website.

It fully responds the standards that need to be applied to the website, so if you want to be able to reach your online gambling activities from any place in the Canada all you need to do is to add the website to your bookmarks on the phone browser.

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app, and some of you may be upset with the fact that the online casino Wild Vegas did not manage to develop an app for users, however, you should try the website and its mobile version to understand that app is totally unnecessary if you want to enjoy gambling here.

Demo Gambling

All those who are not sure yet about whether they want to play in the online casino for real money can play free games. All you need to do is to log out from your account if you do not have one and choose the game you want to play in the category section. Click on it and you will get redirected to the gambling page.

There will be enabled practice mode which means that you play free game with your demo credits. You can immediately get to playing for real money if you want to, and unless that happens there is an opportunity to play for free unlimited time.

Playing free games is a good way to find out whether you like this casino or the specified games before making deposits in real money. Thus, you need to use this option for your good and try out different strategies and approaches to gambling to figure out the one that is going to bring you to victory.

To Sum Up

Unlike the majority of other online casinos the Wild Vegas has many things to offer different players no matter whether they are novice or dedicated gamblers. The main feature of the online casino is the fact here you can enjoy outstanding bonuses and promotions which are not available in other online casinos and win much more than in any other place. Maybe this should be the main reason to consider when you choose an online casino.

No matter what kind of device you want to use to gamble, the Wild Vegas Casino has option for all of you – if you want to play via the browser you can use one on your mobile device or desktop PC. If you want to play on a client on your PC, just download it and in several minutes you will be able to experience premium gambling without any limits.

The online casino is really good in delivering outstanding gambling experience, that’s why it is recommended to be tried out for gamblers in Canada and all over the world.

Review by: James M. Bellamy