Magic Red Casino Casino Review – Play Games, Participate in Events

Are you tired of online casinos with the great amount of different promo codes that really mean nothing to you? Do you want to know how does it feel like to play in a real online casino that treats players as good as possible?

Well, then you should consider choosing the Magic Red as an option to gamble in. As here you can find the great amount of advantages and can take many hours of joy and excitement due to the outstanding choice of games available and the approach of the administration to giving rewards for showing activity.

Most of the online casinos do not really manage to provide a proper VIP program or bonus codes that really motivate to make deposits and gamble, however, here in this casino you can experience what it looks like when the service is provided by someone who really like the game, and respects gamblers.

For example, here you do not need to download and install mobile app or a desktop software to experience the comfort gambling in the online casino – all you need to do is to enter the website and enjoy gambling with this outstanding minimalistic and responsive design. When it comes to the online casino usability you are going to have a good surprise especially if you have already played in the online casinos with poor design.

In this review we will describe in details promotions and VIP program of the online casino in order to disclose for you the main reasons the Magic Red casino should be considered as an option and as a place where you can gamble for years.


Promotions page is always a place of a large interest among gamblers from Canada and all over the world. The thing is that when you play in the online casino bonus codes that give additional free spins, extra funds, cashbacks and the majority of other perks can improve your gambling experience dramatically.  Moreover, they can increase your winning chances as well as usually you get more attempts, thus you can make more bets.

All the online casinos understand that which is the reason they make it all to attract as many players with the outstanding promotions providing benefits and advantages. As a matter of a fact the most players are the most active ones, so they use such bonus codes very often and casinos with the most generous and giving offers have more chances to succeed.

When it comes to promo codes the MagicRed Casino has something to show and we are going to describe the advantages and benefits one can get from the bonus codes available on the website

Extra Funds for New Players

The first bonus that has to be mentioned when you talk about any casino is the welcome bonus. The thing is that this is the first thing which can be used to attract players and make them loyal to the brand at the beginning.

Players that successfully use the welcome bonuses usually play more in the online casino and remain with the brand and do not choose another casinos instead. That is why the welcome bonuses are so important at the first stage.

When it comes to the MagicRed Casino you can find that they have made a generous offer to newcomers which one can consider as a good start for gambling on a website.

As you can see on the picture above the welcome bonus of the casino make up to @00 Euro or USD and this bonus code is eligible for users in Canada or any other country in the world. Along with the money on your account you also get 100 free spins which can be used to play on slot machines for free and still win real money.

It looks like this offer provides you with an opportunity to play free games as you get much more attempts that you pay for with your first deposit. Note that there has to be a right approach to the bonus funds on your account – it is not the same like the money you cashin using your credit card or any other payment option. It is more about giving you more attempts to win some money under specified conditions.

For example, here there is one condition to consider – you need to overcome the wager requirement which makes as much as x35 for the bonus funds. What does that mean? Let’s imagine that you have got $200 bonus on your account. With the wager x35 that means that in order to be able those funds you need to make bets on $7000 as you need to multiply $200 on 35.

It is rather easy to do in games like roulette, baccarat or others. Once you manage to accomplish this condition you can easily cash your money out and get your winning in a cash. You also have noticed that the casino provides you with free spins together with the bonus funds.

Free spins are to be used on the slot machines and those can give additional chances to win as much as you want. With free spins slot machines become the free games and no one can get more benefits from it than you.

There also should be mentioned that in order to get a $200 bonus you need to deposit at least $200 as the bonus coefficient makes 100% which means that you get on your bonus account the same sum you get credited on your regular account with real money.

Actually, there are many online casinos that provide such a kind of welcome bonus, and this promo code is rather standard for the majority of website. There are also casinos in Canada and other countries that make much more generous welcome offers, so in this scope the Magic Red casino hardly can be called unique.

You can also see some casino that provide no deposit bonuses and ask why the Magic Red doesn’t do the same thing? Well, the answer is simple no deposit bonuses do not really affect the gamblers gaming experience, so the administration has decided to put on more effective promotions.

However, that is only when we talk about the welcome bonuses. If you look through the other promotions you are going to see that offers outstanding opportunities that you won’t find in other casinos and participating in the events of the casino can be the main reason for the gambler to choose it among all others.

Last Survivors

The Magic Red casino provides a unique competition among the players in Canada and all around the world. The last standing tournament was launched in this year, the first time and it still lasts to figure out the most loyal gamblers.

The main prize for the first place makes 10 000 Euros and you can get it if you are the most loyal and dedicated player among all. The terms of participation look like this – you need to play in the casino each day for many days and your minimum daily bet amount should make at least 200 Euro.

The countdown starts from the moment you have played 14 days in a row and you can win if you have the longest chain of days played without the the breaks. This somehow looks like the races and slot tournaments conducted by other online casinos, however, there are many differences. This tournament lasts for months while the tournaments hold by other online casinos usually last 24 hours. Here you can win as much as 10 000 Euro – this is a fixed prize which is definitely going to be granted to the winner and when you talk about the regular slot tournaments held by the online casinos the prize usually make a couple of hundreds of Euros – usually no more than 300 Euros which is not always worth to get applied for.

In this tournament only the most loyal gamblers can take part, while in the daily tournaments all the players take part. You can only participate if you are of a Platinum or Premium status  – the statuses which are granted for participation in the VIP program on the are going to be described later. For now it is enough to say that this tournament is only for those who are really passionate about gambling.

By the way, do not think that there are no prizes for those who get 2,3 or less places. The players that did not manage to get the first place but occupy the 2,3,4 and 5 there are prizes – 3000, 1000, 500 and 500 Euros correspondingly. Thus, there is no chance that those who are really obsessed with gambling won’t get rewarded.

VIP Club

There are many ways to win when you play in the Magic Red Casino – however, there is only one way to get the maximum from your gambling experience – you need to participate in The VIP program launched by the

Once you do that you will get outstanding benefits that can be used to improve your chances to win, get extra funds on your account and many more other things that are disclosed in details in the table below.

Here you can see the table of VIP statuses and the benefits that players can claim for if acquiring the specified status. Here we are going to make a brief review of all of the advantages granted by the VIP Statuses:

  • Welcome Package
  • Reward Points Redemption Rate
  • Fast Cash Out process
  • Birthday Bonus
  • Free Play Sunday
  • VIP Live Tournaments
  • Higher Deposit & Cash Out Limits
  • Personalized Offer
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Monthly Cashback

Some of the benefits like cash out limits and speed do not need to be explained, however, there are many other ones that should be clarified for the novice gamblers.

Welcome Package

So let’s start from the beginning – the first bonus pack you get from the Magic Red casino VIP program is the welcome package for acquiring new status. When you just get signed up to the website you immediately get an opportunity to acquire the welcome offer which is eligible for all players that have accounts in the service.

However, from the moment you start collecting Reward Points which are going to be described below you get a chance to improve your status and get to the new level – for example, become a Bronze VIP. In such a case you get as much as 25 free games – which means that you can play matches in the various casino games completely for free.

Reward Points Redemption Rate

The reward point redemption rate is about to describe the ratio between the amount of reward points and real money you can claim for them. For example, if the indicator makes 35 that means that you can get 1 Euro for 35 reward points.

Actually, the amount of reward points collected is the main attribute that affects your VIP status – the more reward points you have, the higher is your status and the more funds you can convert to real money.

In order to get reward points you need to make bets – the majority of the games let you to get 1 reward point for each 40 Euros you make as a bet, which means that mostly in order to get as much as 30 reward points on your account and get a Bronze VIP status you need to make bets on approximately 1200 Euros which is completely affordable even for newbies.

The higher is your status the smaller is the ratio, so when you reach the highest Prestige VIP status you get a ratio that makes 15 – the lowest one possible. You can exchange your reward points for real money any time – however, the best policy would be to wait until you get at least 3 or 4 level in the status ladder to get better ratio and conditions of exchange.

Birthday Bonus

Birthday Bonus is a compliment made for the loyal players to reward them for their activity. The higher is your status the more generous is the Birthday Bonus code you get, and this is a good reason to make sure that you reach the highest status you can afford before your birthday in order to get the maximum reward from the casino.

All the bonuses are personalized for the players which means that you do not know what exactly you are going to get, however, it is known that usually such bonuses give you outstanding advantages not available for all other players of the casino.

Free Play Sunday

This is a unique opportunity to play free games in the end of the week and still be able to win real money. Just note that the majority of online casinos do not have nothing that looks like a such offer, even those that have no deposit bonuses implemented cannot provide a user with an opportunity to play 10, 20 or more free matches on various casino games on weekly basis.

Thus, all you need to do in order to do to get more free games and more chances to win is to make bets and increase your activity in the online casino.

VIP Live Tournaments

There are many tournaments conducted for the players – however, most of them are only available for VIP gamblers. We have already made a review of the Last Survivors tournament which is only allowed to participate in for the players with highest VIP statuses and there are many more such events that are available for VIP players and are closed for the rest of them.

Personalized Offer

This kind of advantage means that you are going to get the great amount of customized promo codes which are much more profitable that those that are available for other players and this can boost your gambling experience to the outstanding heights.

What you need to do in order to claim for the better personalized offers is to make more bets, and then you are going to get generous extra bonuses on your deposits, free spins and many other kinds of perks.

Personal Account Manager

The VIP service in the Magic Red casino means that you can count on a personalized attitude and the best way to provide this is to make sure you will always get in touch with one manager which you know well.

All the players in the can count on the help of the support service via the live chat however only the VIP players with the highest status can claim for the personalized service and personal manager.

Monthly Cashback

No matter how lucky you are there is always a probability of having losses which is the fact all the gamblers have faced. Thus, in order to soften the consequences of bad days the online casinos offers the most loyal players cashback service. That means that if you have lost more than you have won this month, the part of the sum is going to be credited back to your account.

That means that you are going to get more chances to win in future with the money you have got back and the higher is your status the greater is the cashback you can count on.

Is It Worth Being a VIP?

The answer is yes – it surely worths that. Unlike many other casinos that sometimes launch useless VIP programs with no real benefits here you can definitely improve your gambling experience and increase the amount of shots to try when it comes to making bets in the online casino Magic Red.

Note the fact that your statuses and thus the bonuses and perks you get depend not on the amount of deposits you have made, but on the amount of bets you have made. That means that online casino administration really is up to reward the most loyal and dedicated players rather than just those who make big cash-ins, and that shows that the administration really cares about giving the real enthusiasts as much gambling experience as possible.

No matter whether you live in Canada or in any other country, the bonuses provided by the VIP program surely worth to be considered.


When you choose a casino to gamble in you need to consider everything – the promotions, loyalty program, user interface, the amount of platforms available, choice of games and many other things. Once you make a right choice you can play in the casino for years and the more you play in a casino (if it is good casino) the better is an attitude for you from the administration – the more benefits you get and the better terms are offered when in comes to promo codes or any other advantages.

That is why it is so important to make comprehensive analysis of all the casinos proposed. There is nothing worse than losing the progress in one casino and going to another just because you did not manage to provide a proper decision-making process.

When we talk about the Magic Red casino it has to be said that it definitely has to be considered. And we are talking not only about the great assortment of gambling software. We are also talking about cross-platform website which lets you to play in the casino games both on your mobile device and desktop PC, so you do not need a mobile app.

We are also talking about the outstanding bonus codes and perks available for the members of the VIP club and the way casino rewards the most dedicated players. All you need to do is to create an account, login to it and enjoy the magnificent gambling service which is developed with the consideration of the highest casino standards.

Review by: James M. Bellamy