Gunsbet Casino Review – Shoot Your Jackpot

The Gunsbet Casino was designed to bring joy and excitement to the gamblers all around the world including Canada and other countries. This online casino grants you a true spirit of gambling and provide a great majority of perks and benefits from the moment you get signed up and to the moment you decide to delete your account because of retirement.

This young and ambitious online gambling facility can be a valuable asset for any of the online casino enthusiasts that value the side benefits that can be granted by the casino, not the casino games only.

It is very easy to get started in the online casino – all you need to do is to sign up and choose your character. There are four characters you can choose from:

  • Sheriff
  • Billy
  • Bonnie
  • Fatty

Once you have chosen the character and signed up to the online casino you get redirected to the lobby and since that moment you can claim the welcome pack which we are going to describe in details in the promotions section below.

For all those who want to play online casino games and enjoy the outstanding design and thorough approach to the promotions and gambling experience of users, it is obviously necessary to read this review.


There are not many promotions available for the players in the Gunsbet Casino, however, any player can use them to improve one’s gambler experience dramatically. Just like the majority other casinos here you can claim a welcome pack bonus and there is also a weekly bonus code which allows you to claim bonus extra funds on your balance once a week.

Those who are looking for the additional benefits should pay more attention to the VIP program which is going to be disclosed in details in the next section, for the rest players the promotions provided can become a source of additional chances to win in the online casino.

There are many casinos that offer no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonus is the kind of promo which allows you to get a specified amount of funds on your account which you can use for free and win real money when you make bets. However, most of the good online casinos give up on that just like the Guns Bet Casino as most of the players do not these couple of bucks, they prefer to get generous bonuses and free spins which than can be used to make bets online.

Note that those who want to try out the online casino games presented in the Gunsbet are free to play free games while they remain logged out from the account. Once you want to get to play for real money and abandone free games you easily can login to the account and get as much victories as possible.

Anyway, we are coming to promotions in the casino there are many things to day and we will start our review of promo codes from the welcome bonus which you can apply for after the sign up process is completed.

Welcome Bonus for New Players

Once you have passed the registration process you can apply for a welcome bonus on the promotion page. Here you can get up to $150 additional to your balance as bonus funds which then can be used to win in the online casino. That’s how it works – you make a deposit on your account after registration and can activate a bonus code which adds 100% of your cash-in to the bonus account. Thus, if you want to get $150 additionally, all you need to do is to make a deposit of $150. By the way, you cannot find a no deposit bonus in any kind of casino giving you free $150.

Bonus funds can be a good thing for a gambler to start from, however, free spins can be even better. When you claim the welcome bonus you also get 100 free spins which are being credited to your account automatically. It happens right after you have redeemed bonus code and you get 20 free spins during 5 days and you can use them for free to win real money.

Note that there are also wagering limitations you need comply in order to withdraw funds after you have claimed the bonus code. In the the wager make 40 and it is applicable both to the bonus funds and free spins. If you want to find out the wager you need to comply you need to add the deposit bonus to the sum of bets made with free spins and multiply the sum by 40. Than you are going to get a clear understanding of how much bets you need to make in order to be able to withdraw what you have won.

This is a standard feature for all online casinos, however, sometimes you can meet an online casino that sets no wager limits. On the other hand, such casinos usually deduct the bonus sum when you request a withdraw. That means that if you have got a bonus of $150, it will be deducted after you got it from the withdrawn sum.

Once you have claimed the welcome bonus you may be interested with other kind of bonuses available in the Gunsbet Casino.

Friday Bonus

Many casinos provide gamblers with the weekly promotions that let players claim additional funds on their account for a deposit made. This is a common approach for the online gambling facilities in 2021 and is fair for players in Canada and all over the world.

The majority of players use these promo codes to boost their chances to be victorious and the Friday Bonus enforced by the Guns Bet Casino is not an exception. Here you can claim  up to $450 each week for deposit made on Friday. The bonus funds coefficient make 55% which means that in order to get $450 of free funds on your account it is necessary to make a deposit of $818 – everything more than that won’t affect the bonus funds amount.

As the majority of the online casino launching the weekly bonuses program here you can see that the terms you get for the weekly promo codes are much less than the ones you get as a reward when you have just signed up.

Some of the players due to this fact decide to make another account to claim welcome bonus again. That is a wrong tactics due to the fact there is no online casino tolerating multi-account practices, especially when this is done in order to misuse bonuses. In such an occasion all the bonuses can be deducted from account, and in the worst cases the account itself can be blocked even without notification.

However, the majority of players prefer fair play, so such situations happen rarely. Those who want to take additional advantages from the gambling process in the can also consider the VIP program enabled here which we are going to describe in the section below.

VIP Program

The casino VIP program was designed to reward the most loyal and active players and make their gambling experience as good as possible. the majority of the online casinos that launch VIP programs make it rather hard to get participated, however, when it comes to the online casino Gunsbet you start participating in the program at the moment you have made your first deposit. Here is the picture that shows the list of statuses and benefits one gets from each of the status when participating in website’s loyalty program.

As you can see there are 7 levels and on each level you get the same type of bonus, the only thing that changes when you participate and climb higher is the amount of bonuses:

  • one-time bonus funds and free spins credited
  • exchange range for CP decrease

Let’s make a detailed description of each bonus that you can claim for when you get higher in the casino’s hierarchy. At first, let’s review the one-time bonus on the example Status 4 MachineGun. Once you manage to reach that status you get 100 Euro on your account and as much as 200 free spins to play on.

What you need to know about the money you get on your account is the fact the wager for those make 50x instead of 40 for the welcome pack. That means that after you get 100 Euro bonus you need to make bets on 5000 Euro to withdraw money from your account.

Concerning the status which you get, once you collect 5000 CPs these bonuses are automatically credited to your account. Concerning the free spins you get 20 spins everyday during the next 10 days which can then be used when you play slot games.

Another park you get is the improved change rate which lets you to exchange CPs on real money on the basis of the better ratio.

CPs are Complimentary Points – the virtual currency of the Gunsbet Casino – those are collected each time you make a bet. For example, each 100 Euro on the stake increase your CP balance on 1 and that means that in order to get the Status 4 Machinegun level you need to make bets on 500 000 Euro with real money deposited – that is completely real as at the majority of games there is a high chance to win.

Once you get the complimentary points they can be exchanged on real money on the basis of the ratio assigned to your status. For example, if the ration make 1:9, then you can exchange 900 complimentary points for 100 Euro. Thus, the higher is your status the bigger cashback you can get from the each Euro deposited.

You also should consider that when it comes to the complimentary points you get as much as x3 wager which you need to comply in order to withdraw funds. For example, you have got 300 Euros from the exchange of CP to real money. That means you need to multiply 300 by 3 and make bets on 900 Euros to withdraw funds from your account.

The best thing about this VIP program is the CP system which allows you to return your losses or even increase your profits just for being an active players. The majority of the online casinos do not have such a generous VIP program while here you do not only get free spins or no deposit bonuses – you also can transfer your activity into income.

There is one more reason to participate in the VIP program provided by the casino – exclusive promo codes. You have already read the section with the promotions and you can see those are rather generous, though there are only two of them – and that is because the prefers to reward with the best bonuses only the most active and loyal players – that is what you are going to get an access to in case you manage to collect enough CP points. Thus, along with the bonuses already listed there are many hidden benefits one can claim from being a club member.

Along with the loyalty program which is really engaging there is also another activity any player can participate in – the lottery conducted for players of the Gunsbet casino. Read below to find out more about it.


The online casino lottery allow you to win outstanding prizes and you can win as possible if you only participate. The terms of participation depend on your gambling activity and the amount of deposits you make.

On the picture above you can see the way the price of each ticket depends on the deposit sum you have made. For example, if you make a deposit of 10 Euros you get 1 ticket for 10 Euros, while if you make a 1000 Euros deposit you can claim each ticker for 3 Euros – which is a significant difference.

There is also a list of prizes where you can see what you can claim for in case of winning – however, it changes for different lotteries held. There are many ways to win real money in the online casino, however, this one can be the funniest one for those who prefer lotteries or just want to vary their gambling experience. When you get involved into the lottery note the fact that there is a wager eligible for each winning that makes x3, thus if you have 5000 Euros you need to make bets on 1500 Euros to withdraw the whole sum.

By the way you should also consider playing online casino lottery fair – as in case there is any misuse noticed or even limitation enforced to your account you will lose the right to participate in the lottery which means you are losing the chance to win.


Tournaments are really valuable for all the players that play slots in the online casino and can become the best way to win some cash even if you have lost in the casino games.

Above you can see the picture with the terms of the online casino holding tournaments. The thing is that each time any player make bets in the slot machine the jackpot that can be won is increased, and each time the player credits 1 Euro he personally gets 1 point on the account which is then displayed in the leaderboard. The thing is that if you want to win in online tournament you need to take maximum of the points – only those players who take the first 3 positions in the leaderboard table can win.

This is a daily tournament which lasts 24 hours each and at the end of the day three players take the jackpot. The one who take the first place take 70% of the jackpot, the second and third place take 20% and 10% correspondingly. That means that if you take the first place and the jackpot makes 1000 Euro you are going to win 700 Euro, and you get all of this just for being the most active player. Just imagine that you can lose everything you have credited to the amount, and still get a profit due to fact you made so much bets and get a profit for losing. And what about the situation when you have won in the slots and at the same time took the first place in the leaderboard for making the largest amount of bets? That is even more profitable.

The majority of the online casinos that hold online tournaments do not manage to make such outstanding deals for the players, and usually those are rather lame and do not worth participating in. In the Gunsbet casino on the meantime you can benefit from participating as much as you possible.

Instant, App and Mobile Gambling

The Gunsbet casino provides for the gamblers several options of gambling depending on the platform one performs. For example, if you prefer to gamble using the mobile device like the majority players of Canada you can easily use your smartphone to reach the mobile optimized version of the website and enjoy the responsive design and well colored elements on each page.

If you want get to the instant play just visit the website which complies all the necessary requirements for the website in 2021 and pass the fast registration to enjoy hours of gambling.

In case you prefer to have the soft which can be launched via the desktop you can install the browser extension with the app containing all of the online casino games on the website. The installation is going to take less than a minute.

No matter which of kind of the option you choose the result is going to be one – you will be able to use all of the benefits that can provide an online casino Gunsbet to players no matter which kind of platform you use.

There is something that can upset mobile device enthusiasts – there is no mobile app available for the casino which you can download on your Android or iPhone, however, if you try out the outstanding mobile version of the website, you are going to understand that there is also no need for the mobile app which is going to take too much space in your phone or tablet.


Everybody who have played in the online casino Gunsbet have returned at least once to feel that outstanding experience of gambling at least once. There are many reason to visit the online casino and sign up there.

At first you have the great majority of games to choose from, and the assortment is so big, that there is no way you won’t find a game you really like.

Secondly, you should surely pay attention to the loyalty program enforced in the casino and the promo codes available at first for the regular players, and then the exclusive ones which can be claimed by the most loyal gamblers.

You also shouldn’t miss the lottery and the daily tournaments held in the online casino on a daily basis, as this is where you really can feel like your activity brings you income, not only joy and excitement.

There are really not so many casinos where you can win even if you lose and that is the reason why Gunsbet is such a valuable asset for all those passionate of gambling.

Of course, we have to mention that one more thing that makes this casino a good option is the majority of the payment options available – there are payment systems enabled for banking or e-payment systems and you also can make deposits and withdraw using cryptocurrency – the feature that is unavailable in the majority of online casinos in Canada and all over the world.

Review by: James M. Bellamy