Gambling Website for Gambling Enthusiasts – Golden Start Casino Review

The Golden Star casino was designed as a place where you can feel a true spirit of gambling. Just assess the colors and design developed for the online casino and you will immediately feel like you gambling not from your home using the Internet connection to make bets, but you will feel like someone who has just entered one of the most renown and reputable landing facility in Las Vegas, Atlanta or Monaco.

You won’t find many online casinos with such a stylish interface a great animation implemented, so that has to be mentioned as the first thing any of us sees in a casino right after entering it is the quality of design and general appearance.

The next thing to be said about the online casino is that it has outstanding promo codes one can use and a very advanced loyalty program – the topics which we are going to disclose ind details below as they are really worth mentioning.


You won’t an online casino that doesn’t have any promotions at all, as having some kind of special offers for the players visiting the online casino has became a standard far before the 2021. Thus, even the most unpopular casinos have promo codes – and usually the quality and generosity of these promo codes are being the most important factor when the player is choosing where to gamble.

When considering bonus codes the Golden Star online casino is worth visiting due to the fact there are many of them and one can find some very interesting options to choose from. Moreover, the online casino gives an opportunity to double or triple the winning chances due to the various events, loyalty program enforced and the general attitude to the gambling experience.

Let’s start from making it clear what the player is going to get if getting engaged in the welcome bonus package which is eligible for all players that have just signed up in the service.

Welcome Bonus

Generous welcome bonus has always been the best way to attract new players and pour some seeds of loyalty to the hearts of newcomers. The more generous the welcome bonus is the more there are chances that players will be motivated to stay in the online casino that has provided them rather than searching for other casinos with a better attitude to players.

When describing the welcome bonus code available for GoldenStar Casino players it has to be said that it is rather standard. After the signup you can activate promo code and get on your account up to $150 and 100 free spins which you can on the slot machines.

In order to get as much as $150 on your account you need to make an initial deposit which makes at least $150 as the bonus coefficient for the first deposit makes 100% – some of the casinos offer more, other offer less.

You also should pay attention to the free spins – this is one of the most type of the bonus excluding no deposit bonuses as it allows players to play free matches in the slot machines which are remaining to be the most popular games for online casinos.

One can use these spins to increase winning chances dramatically and it would be a good idea to claim these bonuses as fast as possible and make the maximum deposit which allows a user to get the maximum amount of bonus funds. By the way, it has to be mentioned that when it comes to free spins you do not get all of them automatically credited on your account at once. There is another reward system enforced – player get 20 spins on a daily basis for 5 days.

However, the welcome bonus can be something more than about dollars and free spins.

As you can see on the picture you also can 50 MBTC – all those who have dealt with the crypto should be glad that the Golden Star Casino also accepts bitcoins so anyone who prefers crypto can not only deposit in bitcoins, but also redeem coupons right after the sign up.

Those who have never claimed bonus codes and bonus funds may not know that there is wager requirement for such bonuses in the majority of the online casinos. In the online casino the wager makes x40 which means that you need to make bets on the sum that exceeds your bonus funds amount multiplied on the 40. Thus, if you get a bonus of $150 you need to multiply it by 40 and make bets on $6000, and then you will be able to withdraw funds from your account any time.

Second Deposit Bonus

The majority of the online casino limit their welcome packs with one deposit bonus per new player – that means that after you have claimed and activated bonus code you cannot count on any newcomers benefits anymore. However, the GoldenStar Casino administration has another approach. Here you can also claim a promo code that allows you to get 75% from your deposit and the upper limit for the sum you can get on your account makes $150. Thus, you need to deposit at least $200 to get the maximum amount of funds you can claim for this bonus code.

This is a good way to increase your winning chances again and is far better than a couple of bucks of no deposit bonus which is usually proposed by other online casinos. The conditions for withdrawal of the funds after you have claimed the bonus code are just the same as for the first deposit bonus – wager requirement still makes 40.

Once you claim this bonus you are still able to apply for the newcomer’s benefits as the online casino provides all the gamblers to claim one more bonus when they make a deposit third time.

Third Deposit Bonus

This is the last bonus code from the Golden Star Casino included into the welcome pack. Here you can claim up to $150 again, and the bonus coefficient makes 50%. That means that you need to cash-in $300 in order to claim the maximum sum and increase your chances to win at least on 50%. The wager coefficient remains the same – it is x40.

As you can see the first deposits you make can give you as much as $450 of extra funds on your account if you make three deposits of $650 – and this means that spending only $650 you can get more than $1100 on your account just for being a new player. Do not forget about free spins as well – a valuable asset that can be used to win jackpot in the slot machines.

There are not so many online casinos that provide such a kind of additional winning chances like the, so the welcome pack promos surely make this online gambling facility worth of considering.

Have a Nice Weekend Bonus

Have a Nice Weekend Bonus is a special offer for those who want to concentrate on gambling with benefits on the weekend. It was designed by the Golden Start administration casino to make each Friday a day when you can make a deposit with bonuses and get enough funds to gamble whole weekend.

Those who want to play various games will be able to get credited as much as $450 to their accounts. Due to the fact there is a 50% deposit bonus you need to cash-in at least $900 using various payment methods to claim the bonus code and afterwards you will get at least $1350 which you can use to make bets in the online casino with the wager requirement making x40.

Those of you who are slot machines enthusiasts will be glad to know that each time you activate this promo code you also get 60 free spins – each day you get 20 free spins during 3 days.

These bonus codes can be sufficient reasons to sign up to the online casino Golden Star. However, you will get even more reason to become a member of a club when you find out what are Complimentary Points and how they can improve your gambling experience dramatically.

Complimentary Points

The main goal of the when it was launching complimentary points was an intention to reward the most loyal and active players with the bonuses and perks they really deserve. Thus, the complimentary points status affects much your gambling experience in this outstanding online casino.

It would be a good news to know for all the gamblers in the online casino that everyone participate in the loyalty program and get the complimentary points credited right after the first deposit. So there is no way one cannot benefit from the gambling activity he shows.

Complimentary points are credited on your account for making bets. In order to get 1 complimentary point the player needs to make bets on 100 euro. Once you get a complimentary point you can exchange it on real money and the ratio depends on the amount of complimentary points you have accumulated on your account.

The complimentary points system is the part of the loyalty program – VIP club launched by the, and the more complimentary points you gather, the higher is the ratio of exchange, thus you can monetize your gambling activity more efficiently.

Thus, we need to move on to disclose the essence of the VIP program launched by the online casino.

VIP Program

The online casinos VIP program is intended to assign users a status which shows the exchange rate one can apply for to transfer complimentary points earned on real money. On the picture below you can see the statuses and exchange rate developed for them.

As you can see the New Star status is the first one and you get it automatically right after you get signed up. That can be explained by the fact that all the players participate in program no matter what. After you have collected more than 149 complimentary points you automatically get another status – Bronze Star which improves the ratio to the 14:1, which means that you can turn 15 complimentary points into 1 Euro.

You get the most from the loyalty program when you reach the Black Pearl status as here you can get 1 Euro per each complimentary point credited. By the way, if you live in Canada and use CAD as a primary currency all the operation will be transferred to Canadian dollar. However, in order to reach this status you need more than 30 000 complimentary points which means you need to make bets on more than 3 000 000 CAD.

You also should know about the funds you get from exchanging complimentary points that you have to meet the x3 wager requirement in order to withdraw funds from your account.

There are many more things to review in the Golden Star online casino and one of them is the lottery that is conducted in the casino on the permanent basis.


conducting a lottery is not something common for the online casinos as usually they concentrate only on casino games leaving lotteries to other services. However, when it comes to the GoldenStar casino you will surely understand that adding lottery to the gambling activities on the website was totally worthy.

At the picture above you can see the price of tickets you can buy to participate in the lottery. The more tickets you buy, the higher are the chances to win, the larger deposit you make the cheaper is the ticket and the cheaper is the ticket, the more tickets you can buy on a specified amount of money.

The main thing about this lottery is that anyone can participate and only those who make big deposits and purchase more tickets have more chances to win. This is a situation where you play against other players, not the online casino.

You also can see the prizes that one can win participating in the casino lottery.

There is one main prize – 500 euros which you can credit to your account, no matter whether you are from Canada or any other country. However, this is not the only prize you can win –  as you can see on the picture there are many prizes starting with free spins and ending with cash. When you see that there is written that there are 100 free spins and 10 tickets in the nearby cell that means that there are going to be 10 tickets that can win 100 free spins.

Note that if you win one prize that doesn’t mean that you cannot win another with another ticket. For example, you have won a main prize of 500 Euros with your ticket. Do not hesitate to leave the lottery page as you can even also 100 free spins with the second ticket and 300 Euros with the third one. Thus, the more tickets you purchase, the more winning tickets you can get on hands.

We have talked much about the promotions and benefits one can take advantage of if signing up to the Golden Star, however, it also should be said something about how one can play on the website

Play on PC or Mobile Devices

All the gamblers have own tastes what kind of the device to use for playing. Some of them prefer desktop computers or laptops, other want to be mobile and seek for casinos with well-developed mobile apps. Well, there is something to know for everyone about the Golden Stars casino – you can play via the browser with the last Flash Player version enabled.

Just consider that option if you prefer apps as you can really benefit from the responsive design, well-optimized version for all kinds of devices no matter what is the display size.

In case you prefer to use separate software for gambling there are kind of good news for – you can use a browser extension for any modern browser and install it in several seconds. As a result on your desktop there will appear a shortcut which you can use for an immediate access to the online casino 24/7.

Just press the Install App button, give the permission to download and install the app and it will take less than a minute to get it on your PC.

No matter what kind of the device or software you use to play in the online casino – there is no way you can use more than 1 account so make sure you have only one login and password for the service, as otherwise you can risk with getting your account blocked and you gambling activity stopped.

Play for Free

Unlike the majority of the casinos the Golden Star makes it all to provide the players with the best service like free games which is a very modern and demanded by users approach in 2021. If you want to check how different strategies work, just play for fun or make sure the games in the online casino are good enough just try out the demo gambling feature.

As you can see on the picture there are many game manufacturers to choose from, so there will be surely a sense in trying out games as otherwise you won’t be able to choose the best one from the list.

We recommend to try out the games from the TOP section at first and then move to other ones as here you can see the best games from the best manufacturers by the version of the casino administration.

Moreover, you need to know that in order to gamble free games here you need to make sure you had logged in to your account which has to be created if you do not have one yet. So just do that in order to play for fun.

Although, in the majority of the online casinos you can play free games without logging in, there are not so many online casino with such a great choice of different games from various gambling games manufacturers.

How to Get The Best Experience from Gambling in Casino?

The casino has made it all to provide gamblers with the wide choice of benefits and perks the main of which are promo codes for the newcomers and the complimentary points. So the first thing you need to do is to exploit the bonus codes for newcomers and get up to$450 bonus funds on your account. The next thing one needs to do is to track the complimentary points amount and check the status of the player.

It is advised to refuse from exchanging points right after you have got one – the best strategy would be to wait until you get at least the 3 level or even more and wait until you get the Black Pearl status to be able to benefit the most from your gambling activity.

Due to the fact you are granted CPs for the gambling activity, not the deposit amounts directly there is one thing you need to do – modify your strategy. You need to choose the strategy of low risks and prizes and higher probability to win. For example, if you play roulette do not make bets on the single cell – make bets that cover almost a half or 30% of cells. That will allow you to make more bets when it comes to the overall sum. Let’s take an example.

For example you have played 10 matches on the roulette – during each match you have made a bet on a single cell, and each bet made 1 Euro or 1 CAD if you play from Canada. Each time there is 1/37 or 1/38 chance to win – there are low chances and in case you lose all of the bets there will be no option for you to get more complimentary points and you will only get 0.1 CP on your account.

Om the other side if you make bets like the red only or black only with the same amount of funds on your account and the same size of the bet, each time your winning probability will make at least 50%. That means that each time you play you will have a much greater opportunity to win and make another bet. There is very low probability you can play 10 games and lose all so you are definitely going to collect more complimentary points when using such a strategy.


After all, we can sum up that the Golden Star online casino is an outstanding place to play in, especially if you take into account the amount of the bonuses one can use for own good.

The generous promotions for the newcomers can become a good start and a booster to increase winning chances. Although, there are absent no deposit bonuses, this is still a good proposal for the new players, which is rather competitive when you compare it to the ones provided by other online casinos.

One also should take into consideration the VIP program of the Golden Star casino as this can become the main reason for each player to stay here and get rewarded for loyalty and activities instead of choosing any other casino that doesn’t have such a program.

What is more that can be said to sum up? There many casinos in Canada and all over the world providing various payment methods, usually only the most popular ones, however, have you seen many casinos that let you pay with crypto? And even more – each player can get deposit bonuses with crypto which is even more rare feature.

Review by: James M. Bellamy