Times Square. Best Welcome Bonus Program

Every single gamer wants to find a casino in which he/she is going to feel safe, protected and entertained. Nowadays, this may become a problem for numerous players. Why? Because the range of available online gaming institutions has no limits and keeps growing faster and faster.

All casinos are different. All casinos can offer its own of bonus programs and games, guarantee safety of confidential information by taking different security measures and show its own features that are not similar to any others. As there are so many casinos now, the next question comes to your mind. How to find the best one? Luckily, you have come to the right place, because we want to help you with this a lot.

Today, we are going to review a casino named as Times Square. We think that the name tells that you may see New York somewhere on the pages, right? Did you have such thoughts? For example, you can see NYC as the background on the home page of the official Times Square casino site. So, let’s get to the chase and start reviewing our today’s topic. Scroll down and discover all casino’s features separately.

Why to Choose Times Square Casino?

Why to choose Times Square Casino? Is this platform for gambling better than the others? Why is it better? What features are there that you can take advantage of? All these questions may come to your mind and worry you a little. But, please, do not worry. We are here to help you and answer those questions.

TimesSquare is a relatively recently opened casino, but is the one who can be proud of numerous gamblers that are permanent and prefer TS to other similar online gambling rooms. The portal has players from New Zealand, from Australia, from countries of Europe, from CIS territory and from other countries of our world. It is popular and loved.

This is due to available games, bonuses, promotions, rewards, high level of safety and help from support service, wide diapason of banking options and many other features about which you are going to become aware today. Plus, the casino can be played from the browsers of computers and laptops as well as it can be played with the help of mobile devices, such as phones and tablets (from the browser or with the help of the app that can be downloaded from the store). So, are you ready to get a detailed review on one of the leading world’s gambling website? We are! Scroll down!

The Site’s Appearance

When we meet a person, the first thing that we pay attention to is his/her appearance. We start forming a half of the whole impression by how that person looks. The same story happens with choosing a casino to play in. As you did not play there yet, all you have left is to evaluate the website’s appearance. What can you notice about TimesSquare casino? Let’s see.

When you go to timessquarecasino.com, you notice the colors at first. Here, light and calm tones, such as white and blue, are dominating. Also, you can notice orangish tone (something between orange and red) that is used for the letters mostly. The whole interface looks nice and attractive.

If you take a look at the page’s top, you will see the logo of TS casino in the left upper corner. The logo consists only of the name of the casino and is colored with blue and orangish tones.

In the right upper corner, you will notice sections for signing in and signing up buttons. Below, there are 6 sections:

  • “Promotions”;
  • “Support”;
  • “Getting Started”;
  • “VIP”;
  • Banking”;
  • ”Live Chat” (it is situated a bit further from the other sections and is colored with a green tone).

If you are from New York, you will be pretty glad to see its view on the advertisement banner that is displayed below the sections. It does not matter whether you are from New Zealand, Germany, Australia or other country. What matters is that if you like NY and dream of visiting this state, you will be also glad to see its views on the background of the chosen casino. “Experience the thrill of Live Casino” is what the advertisement banner tells us. Though, this banner is movable, so the pictures and offers on them can change.

Do you remember that we talked about signing in and signing up buttons? So, we missed something, did not we? Right, we missed the section with choosing a language version, because we wanted to talk about it separately. So, the main thing that you should be aware of it that is possible to switch to the language version that you want choosing out of 10 options.

At the bottom of the page, it is possible to notice important information, such as payment methods, gained licenses and 10 so-called fast links. Those links were made to serve as helping links where you can find a lot of useful information along the way.

Process of Signing Up

Games Spectrum

When a gambler picks an online casino, it hopes to find a place with the widest diapason of games that he/she has ever seen in life. You will not regret if you pick Times Square, because it offers its visitors with pretty wide gaming models spectrum. So, how you find a suitable game?

To find a suitable game, it will be a necessity to get to the game categories. Maybe, you will not even have to surf those categories and spend a lot of time searching for the perfect option. When you open a tab with gaming models, one range opens automatically. So, there may be an option that suits you in the first raws. But if you do not see such option in the first raws, take a look at the following categories:

  • “Featured Games”;
  • “New Games”;
  • “Bonus Games”;
  • “Video Slots”;
  • “Live Casino”;
  • “Card & Table Games”;
  • “Classic Slots”;
  • “Scratch Cards”;
  • “Video Poker”;
  • “Micro Bets”;
  • “VIP Games”;
  • “Jackpot Games”;
  • “Action Games”.

Though, there is also another option to find something that you want. If the categories button is situated on the left side, the search engine button is situated on the right side. If you know the exact name of the game or you are simply looking for a game of particular developer, you can enter the game’s name or the developer’s name in the search engine to see if there are any suitable variations.

Bonuses & Promos

We would be liars if we said that bonuses cannot be considered as one of the main features that gamblers pay attention to when choosing a casino to play with. Of course, a lot of attention is paid to promotions and frequent flyer programs. Also, numerous gamblers are waiting for news that the chosen casino can offer them a no deposit bonus program.

If to talk about Times Square casino, we cannot bring you such news, because it does not provide its customers with no deposit bonuses, but still, it has a lot of other bonuses which are not less generous. For example, you can become the owner of the Times Square’s generous welcome bonus program. What can you get if you sign up on timessquarecasino.com? Well, let’s see.

Once you become a member of this gambling platform, you will be able to get a welcome pack of bonuses for making three deposits. For each, you are going to get bountiful prizes. Once you make your first deposit, you will be able to get a bonus of 100% which is going to bring you a sum of up to 500 euros (€) and 50 free spins. Once you make your second deposit, you will be able to get a bonus of 50% which is going to bring you a sum of up to 400 euros (€). And finally, once you make your third deposit, you will be able to get a bonus of 150% which is going to bring you a sum of up to 500 euros (€) and free spins in amount of 50.

You can discover the information about this program on the home page (because it is displayed within the advertisement banner) or by clicking on the section “Promotions”. When you click on it, you will get a new window opened. In this window, you will be able to see the welcome package offer as well as other offers. For example, there may be daily, weekly and/or monthly offers. Though, they can vary, appear, disappear and change, so the best way to check if the offer is still valid is to go to the official site and check the section “Promotions” out.

The casino can also provide you with the opportunity to become a member of VIP club. The members of this club can get additional prizes and rewards, so it makes sense to click on the button named as “VIP” and get acquainted with the terms & conditions of using this opportunity. Also, if you have got any bonus codes, check if they are still valid.

Support Center

If you read the reviews of real gamblers who have already visited Times Square casino or see the ratings for each casino’s features, you will be able to see how the support center is estimated. The level of getting support was always on the high level, as the casino cares about its popularity and reputation. If a casino takes care about itself, it will definitely take care of its customers, because the casino’s ratings depend on the clients reviews.

It would not be just some big words if we claimed that the casino works pretty well. It is fast, easy to navigate and surf the pages. But even despite this, gamblers may have some unwanted problems and questions. The next thing that we should talk about is where to find this help center, where it is situated, how it works and what methods you can use to get the answers and solving methods.

As we have already said, when you are going to the official site, the home page opens, and when it opens, you can see a couple of categories at the top of this page. Among these categories, you can find the one that is named as “Support”. Your task will be to click the “Support” button. When you do it, you are going to see a new tab next. This windows offers you three ways of solving your problem.

  • The first solving way with the name “FAQ”. This way supposes reading the most frequently asked questions and answers to them. If you think that your question may be commonly asked, you can go this section and look for the needed solutions.
  • The second solving way with the name “Game Rules”. This is a tab that generally tells about gambling models, how to gamble, what rules need to be followed and so on. Actually, there is no need to tell more because the section name literally tells about the section inner content.
  • The third solving way with the name “Contact Us”. This category supposes contacting the staff by sending them your help request. To get help, you will need to fulfill all the needed forms, including your name, your email and your phone number. After leaving your data, you will need to mention the subject and describe the whole problem in the line “Your Question”. The more details you include, the easier it becomes for the staff to find the most suitable way to deal with your issue.

Security Level

It does not matter where you are from, if your place of residence is Canada or England, or any other country. Anyway, you will definitely want to understand that you are safe while gambling with this online institution. You will definitely want to know that your data, personal information and data are going to stay confidential. Nobody wants to become a victim of surprising fraud attacks, right?

This is the exact reason why Casino TimesSquare tries to protect your info as well. What measures of security were taken? How does the casino keep your data safe? We are going to tell you. The first security measure lies in the fact that the website uses cookies which are small parts (letters) that are put in your device to distinguish your info from info of other customers.

Also, the website uses SSL-protocol, the main task of which is to encrypt the information that you share with the casino. This is made for minimizing the possibility to get close to your data and documents for Internet frauds. Also, the verification/authentication process is included to make sure that you are the person who logs into your account. Your security and satisfaction equal the casino’s reputation, so the administration tries to do its best to make your gambling activity comfortable.

TimesSquareCasino Sum Up

Our review is coming to the final point unfortunately (or fortunately, as you wish). So, we think that this is the perfect moment when we can conclude all the features of TimesSquareCasino to make the “making decision process” much easier and faster for you. The main lies in the fact that we can recommend gamblers this casino without any hesitations.

The first thing that you are going to like about this platform is its appearance. Soft blue and white tones will come to your taste because they look nice and calming. The navigation is easy as well as signing up process which is explained in details on each step of registration. So, surfing the pages and registering will not become problems on the way to gambling activity.

The website can be played on all devices, including desktop & mobile ones. So, if you find computers and laptops those that suit you, use them for gambling. If you find phones and tablets the better options, use them to gamble. The decision is in your hands. Plus, you will be able to change the language of the website, if you want.

The games are different, which is great, because different games come to tastes of different people. Here, you can play live games, models that include progressive jackpots, poker, classic/video slots, games for VIP club members and so on. The welcome bonus program that is divided into 3 depositing processes will also please you.

The website uses cookies and SSL-protocol technology of the latest version. This will definitely make you feel calm about the safety of your personal information and documents details. Everybody wants to feel protected, so the casino Times Square tries to take good care of its visitors by encrypting all shared information.

The same story happens with monetary transmissions. The portal cooperates only with the leaders in the area of banking, as in with reliable banking institutions (BI), such as Skrill BI, Visa BI, Neteller BI, MasterCard BI, PaySafeCard BI and others (including using Bitcoin system).

The last, but not least thing that we want to tell you is that you should get acquainted will all terms & conditions of gambling on TimesSquare before accepting them. Accept them only once you read those terms and decided that they suit you. That’s all. If you already like the casino TimesSquare, go to the official site with the link www.timessquarecasino.com and start playing! Good luck!

Review by: James M. Bellamy